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how to modify existing entity from an existing table? #7816

wcdagency created


les say I have table named currency

Id -> int Value decimal -> 18,2 Name -> string.

The component creates default decimal value 18.2. My question is what is the right way to update decimal value from 18.2 to 18.4 ?

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    maliming created

    Can you talk more about it? And share some code.

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    wcdagency created

    hello les say I want to create table abc

    id int name nvarchar numberval decimal then les say I created it from toolbar, writing without code.

    then, toolbar creates decimal default decimal 18.2.

    so my question is, how could I create decimal value with 18.4 with component?

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    ryancyq created

    Hi, by mentioning the "toolbar", do you mean RAD Tool?

    To change the default value of a column for your database table, you will need to create a migration for it.

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    wcdagency created

    problem solved.