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Refresh tokens not working of tenanted users #7924

XugoWebTeam created


I've got a workaround, but thought I would highlight an issue I've found.

I've got a client written that is logging into the .NET API and is trying to use the refresh tokens. But I've found a bug where the refresh token can be used to get a new access token, but the access token won't work.

I've found the problem in the template code and it only happens when the user belongs to a tenant.

The refresh token code is using the current session's tenant. So for example the access token has a user identity of (tenant ID: null, user ID: 82) instead of (tenant ID: 7, user ID: 82).

The work around ws to send the tenant ID in the headers on the request to refresh the token. But this is still a bug since the API should handle that. And if by design the tenant ID should be sent, the refresh token endpoint should error rather than return an access token that doesn't work.

This isn't stopping us anymore. But thought it should be raised to ease of use of future users.

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    maliming created
    Support Team

    hi @xugowebteam

    What are the steps to use the template project to reproduce the problem?

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    ismcagdas created
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    Hi @xugowebteam

    Thank you for informing us. Are you using latest version of AspNet Zero ?


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    ismcagdas created
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    This issue is closed because it has not had recent activity for a long time.