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Testing app-services for features that are not enabled by default #8148

alexanderpilhar created

8.0.0, Angular, .NET Core

I stumbled accross the following error when trying to run tests I built for one of my app-services: Required permissions are not granted. At least one of these permissions must be granted: PermissionName

Couldn't find an answer here.

After a couple of hours searching for a solution to this problem it began to dawn on me: Permissions for this service are dependent on a feature that is not enabled by default (defaultValue: false in AppFeatureProvider.cs). Enabling it by default solved the problem as expected.

Now I have the following question: I don't want certain features to be enabled by default but still want to test the app-services - Is there a simple solution to this problem without having to manually change the defaulValue for each feature?

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    maliming created

    Can you share the code for application services and unit tests?

    In general, you can replace or simulate certain components in unit tests, including using fake data.

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    alexanderpilhar created

    The Code for my app-services and tests really isn't anything special - just some simple gets, creates, edits and deletes - and as I wrote before: this stuff is working as expected as soon as I enable the according feature the permission depends on by default (defaultValue: true). Before, my tests failed just because the DefaultTenant didn't have these features assigned and therefore didn't have the necessary permissions.

    What I would like to know is, how do I assign a certain feature to a tenant in my tests (something similar to LoginAsDefaultTenantAdmin())? I guess, right now there is no simple way to do this. But maybe you guys have some ideas on how to do this? Also, I think it would be a good addition for ASPNETZERO as a product.

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    alexanderpilhar created

    Thanks to TenantManager domain service I can add the following to my test-class constructor:

    var tenantManager = Resolve<TenantManager>();
    tenantManager.SetFeatureValue(GetCurrentTenant().Id, "FeatureName", "Value");

    So, this actually seems to be the solution to my problem : )

    ~~But I don't know if this change will be persisted for longer than just for the test run. And I can't figure out where this information is stored ... Any ideas?~~

    Edit Changes won't be persisted for longer than for the run of the test itself. So, this is the way to go : )