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Lock and Unlock Host admin login from tenant setting #8304

SRTMDEV created


My Query is about Host direct access/login to the tenant via any user,

Tenant should be able to lock and unlock super admin direct access from Host and only specified tenant user can used for direct access from the Host.

Ex. Host : Super admin Tenant: A Tenant A user : A-admin, A-mark

If tenant A allow Super admin access for direct access via user A-mark then super admin should only be able to login via A-mark for that tenant.

Any suggestion? Any other solution for enable and disable super admin access from the every tenant setting?


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    maliming created
    Support Team


    Tenants should not know which host administrators are in the system.

    Perhaps the host has a permission(Allow login to tenant). A host administrator without this permission cannot log in to the tenant or which tenants it can log in.

    The host has the highest authority of the entire system, and I think the tenant should not manage the scope beyond the tenant.

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    ismcagdas created
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