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How to show/hide entity on HOST or Tenant side? #8493

PMS created

Currently, I am getting an error in an application related to a permission. I created the entity(the name is XYZ) with the zero Tool and also added the custom API on the same page. Now I use that custom API in the tenants (the name is ABC and DEF ) side angular page. In menu I have ABC, XYZ & DEF entities and its works perfect !! Now I want just XYZ page in host-side menu and ABC & DEF pages to Tenants after login menu for that I remove both (tenant/host) permission from the class AppAuthorizationProvider.cs and give single permission XYZ to Host and ABC & DEF to Tenant and run the page login with the Tenants and checked its give me an error related o the API from XYZ on ABC & DEF page.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @PMS

    Could you share your Entity class ?


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    PMS created


    Can you give me your emai so that I can send it there?


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    ryancyq created
    Support Team

    Hi @PMS,

    please contact