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andmattia created


I have a question about this use case.

In an appalication multiTenant I create a user on Tenant 1.

This user start to work with the paltform and decide to subscribe a payment tenant for him, so I preapre some custom function to create, update data on new tenant and now my user (create on Tenat1 and link to it) is the admin of tenant 2. But tenant 1?

I try to think a possibile solution case.

Linked user. But is it the only/correct way to implement it.. Also

  • Any possibile issue?
  • With Linked user can I read data in different tenant?
  • Need to implement disable filter by tenant where I need?



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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @andmattia

    If you want same user to access both tenants, LinkedAccounts is a good solution. But in that case, each user can see only the active tenants data (the one they switched to or login to).

    If you use disable MayHaveTenant filter, it will bring all tenants data, so I guess you don't want that.