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IocManager.IocContainer.Register object in Shared DLL #9049

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I add a custom interface to a DTO on a object defined on Application.Shared. If i use a IConventionalDependencyRegistrar to register it I don't find my object. My project is based on ABP 4.8.1 .NETCore (4.6.1)

For more complete understaning my landscape if I move my object to Application it is register it in correct way.

So my question is how to solve this issue because Application.Shared is used on Xmarin and is not a module, I need to convert it into a module? If yes is need to use a #IF #ENDIF statement on compilation to prevent module definition for Xamarin?

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    Support Team


    We created abp modules for Application.Shared and Core.Shared in the 7.3 version.

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    andmattia created

    Ok thanks for your reply.