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Users cannot edit/add phone numbers on registration or after successful login #9333

andry3ag created

Hi Team,

We have recently download the ASP.Net Core 3x with Anguylar 9.x (version 8.6). I have set up the two factor authentication successfully. But there is no way for users to enter there phone number upon registration or even after they log in. The "My settings" page under profile is missing the phone number. The only place where I can enter a phone number for user is from the tenant administration under the "Users" tab page where we can edit all users. Here I can add phone number for user but however the phone number is not validated. I had to set that manualy from the database. I have seen a similar question on here ( which the answer said "Please enable Phone number verification enabled (via SMS)" under the tenant settings user management tab. But I do not see that option under the single tenant settigs as shown by screen shot below

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