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Powertools - configuring for modular projects #9341

chris.tune created

Hi All

This is relating to a question I raised on Modual Project Strucutre.

By default the powertools creates files in the "main projects" Is there a way to configure the Power Tools to create the code in different projects? Or at least in a place where it's easier to extract :)

e.g. If I was creating a numbre of entities/services/etc in the MYFeature it would put them in a seperate project Base.Application Base.Application.Shared Base.Core Base.Core.Shared MYFeatureModule.Application <--- CREATE HERE MYFeatureModule.Application.Shared<--- CREATE HERE MYFeatureModule....<--- CREATE HERE

Cheers Chris

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @chris.tune,

    It is not possible at the moment. Could you create an issue on GitHub so we can plan it for the next versions ?