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Telerik Core/MVC components with ANZ #9358

Mitch created

I'm using Telerik MVC and Core components with ANZ, but I have found that when dealing with forms, ANZ expects the values with fields in Camel Case whereas Telerik returns the field names in Pascal Case. The end result is the when clicking on the Save button, an error occurs due to all fields having null values.

I have tried several times to fix this and in the end I gave up and decided to completely bypass the Volosoft validation and CRUD routines and use my Telerik friendly versions.

However, I would be more productive if I could use the standard ANZ approach, which I believe could be achieved by either getting ANZ to accept Pascal Case or to get Telerik to post in Camel Case.

So my question is, how is everyone who uses Telerik getting Telerik form components to save data with ANZ?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @Mitch

    Could you share the sample javascript code and also tell us which part returs Pascal Case names ?