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After Tenant sign up - admin (any user from same browser) login goes into loop on Chrome, other browsers work. #9446

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This is 8.9, JQ

The issue is with Chrome 84.0.4147.105 in my case, multiple users.

No modifications to any of the authentication code and everything works great, except for some users that use this version of Chrome. Testing in production, we created a new Tenant, and he is unable to login.

I've been able to recreate this in development environment by adding my domain, and his tenant name + my domain to my hosts file, modifying IIS express configuration to listen on port 80, and pointing my dev environment at the production database. Lastly, I took the Local State file for the user and copied that to my Chrome profile.

User logs in - it posts and redirects to /App

Which immediately redirects back to login.

In the IIS logs:

INFO  2020-07-31 22:26:26,118 [10   ] Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.Diagnostics - Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET http://{Tenant}.{My Domain}/App  
INFO  2020-07-31 22:26:26,127 [10   ] uthorization.DefaultAuthorizationService - Authorization failed.
INFO  2020-07-31 22:26:26,129 [10   ] tion.Cookies.CookieAuthenticationHandler - AuthenticationScheme: Identity.Application was challenged.

In my instance, no users for my new tenant are able to login with Chrome if they've logged in before it was updated,

The only resolution it have them remove the Local State file from the browser profile folder in app data.

I have my site deployed to Azure (linux) and am not using SSL at the moment, we're not live yet.

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    Can you share your website url and reproduce steps to me?( I can test it in chrome.