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Power Tools Create Master-Detail Page Issue for Get[x]ForView #9740

TOGIT created

Related version : ASP.NET CORE MVC & jQuery 9.2.1

When I use power tools 2.7.1 while creating a Master-Detail Page, the following error appears:

Error CS1061 'IRateGroupPropertyAppService' does not contain a definition for 'GetRateGroupPropertyForView' and no accessible extension method 'GetRateGroupPropertyForView' accepting a first argument of type 'IRateGroupPropertyAppService' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) OHB2B.Web.Mvc D:\OH\ohb2b-test\src\OHB2B.Web.Mvc\Areas\App\Controllers\MasterDetailChild_Rate_RateGroupPropertyController.cs

public async Task<PartialViewResult> ViewRateGroupPropertyModal(long id)
            var getRateGroupPropertyForViewDto = await _rateGroupPropertyAppService.GetRateGroupPropertyForView(id);

            var model = new MasterDetailChild_Rate_RateGroupPropertyViewModel()
                RateGroupProperty = getRateGroupPropertyForViewDto.RateGroupProperty
                , RateGroupName = getRateGroupPropertyForViewDto.RateGroupName


            return PartialView("_ViewRateGroupPropertyModal", model);

I know how to solve this manual, but I was wondering how to solve this via power tools?

Note :

The detail page is rendered without creating User Interface & Create View Only. When I render with Create User Interface & Create View Only all works fine but then a new menu item appears, and yes i can turn that off but it should not be needed. It should work also without User Interface & Create View for the details pages.

Finally (not 100% related):

I notice after some testing that there are no differences when applying the checkbox Create View Only, do I oversee something?

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @TOGIT

    To reproduce this problem, could you share json file(s) for this code generation ? You can find it under aspnet-core\AspNetZeroRadTool folder of your solution.