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Tenant Migration from one database to another #9840

KarakTheWise created

Version 9,2 Angular ASP.NET Core Issue: general question

I've been working with some Azure engineers on how to best set my pricing tiers etc. We're coming up with three tiers: 1.) shared tier - x tanants in a larger multi-tenancy app. 2.) smaller shared tier, less tanants than T1, 3.) one tenant in their own single-tanant app. My questions: is there a best pratice to move a tenant from say T1 to T3? The Azure part of the equation is not a problem. I'm talking about the actual migration of the tenent's records from one database to another. Any advice or suggestions would be great. If this is something I need to buld into my develpment process, now would be a good time for me to do that. I'm buidling the app for multi-tenancy so each record will of course have a TenantId. Thanks!

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @KarakTheWise

    Unfortunately, AspNet Zero doesn't provide a tool for migrating one tenant's data from a database to another. This must be handled manually. Using a data migration tool might help you a lot.

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    KarakTheWise created

    Thakn you, I'll research data migration tools. I wasnt' sure where to start for that type of thing.