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9.3.0 hosting error #9846

velu created


  • 9.3.0
  • Angular
  • .Net Core 3.1

After hosting 9.3 version on the server the following error has been occured...

HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

The log file is showing following lines.

WARN 2020-11-21 11:27:29,977 [1 ] tion.Repositories.EphemeralXmlRepository - Using an in-memory repository. Keys will not be persisted to storage. WARN 2020-11-21 11:27:29,987 [1 ] taProtection.KeyManagement.XmlKeyManager - Neither user profile nor HKLM registry available. Using an ephemeral key repository. Protected data will be unavailable when application exits. WARN 2020-11-21 11:27:33,914 [1 ] taProtection.KeyManagement.XmlKeyManager - No XML encryptor configured. Key {040223b5-31be-4bcf-b95b-41c59920f7bf} may be persisted to storage in unencrypted form.

After entering the server address in the browser and hit enter application ignore child app name.

for eg server address is : http:

after processing request

app redirect to http:

and show the above error..

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @velu

    Sorry for the delay.

    1. Are you using merged solution or separete solution ?
    2. Do you have a web.config in the root directory of your deployed Angular project ?


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    velu created


    Yes, we are using a merged solution, and we have a web config in the root.

    The hosted application will always be ignoring the child app name.

    if we are manually entering the child app name then a login window occurred. and after entering in the application after user id and password.

    then also ignore child app name

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    billyteng created

    Hi Velu,

    How did you solve your above problems? I also encountered that problems. Could you please share the solutions with us ?


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    askdong created

    we encountered the same problem, very wired!