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Possible PowerTools problem #9949

murphymj5209 created


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  • What is your product version? 10.1.rc1
  • What is your product type (Angular or MVC)?Angular
  • What is product framework type (.net framework or .net core)?.Net Core 5
  • PowerTools version 2.7.6

If issue related with ABP Framework

  • What is ABP Framework version?6.1

If issue is about UI

  • Which theme are you using?Default - Theme 1
  • What are the theme settings?default settings

Problem Description: In using PowerTools the tool seems to put out the column name with the data. Below is the Json file and the attachment has the GreenShot.

-> MorthoArthroplastyTypesAppService.cs is being generated. -> IMorthoArthroplastyTypesAppService.cs is being generated. -> MorthoArthroplastyTypeConsts.cs is being generated. -> CreateOrEditMorthoArthroplastyTypeDto.cs is being generated. -> MorthoArthroplastyTypeDto.cs is being generated. -> GetAllMorthoArthroplastyTypesForExcelInput.cs is being generated. -> GetAllForLookupTableInput.cs is being generated. -> GetAllMorthoArthroplastyTypesInput.cs is being generated. -> GetMorthoArthroplastyTypeForViewDto.cs is being generated. -> GetMorthoArthroplastyTypeForEditOutput.cs is being generated. -> MorthoArthroplastyType.cs is being generated. -> MorthoArthroplastyTypesExcelExporter.cs is being generated. -> IMorthoArthroplastyTypesExcelExporter.cs is being generated. -> AppPermissions.cs is being modified. -> AppAuthorizationProvider.cs is being modified. -> MorthoDbContext.cs is being modified. -> CustomDtoMapper.cs is being modified. Running add-migration... Build started... Build succeeded. Done. To undo this action, use 'ef migrations remove' Running migrator... Build started... Build succeeded. Applying migration '20201226041258_Added_MorthoArthroplastyType'. Done. -> morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.ts is being generated. -> morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.html is being generated. -> create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html is being generated. -> create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts is being generated. -> view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html is being generated. -> view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts is being generated. -> admin.module.ts is being modified. -> admin-routing.module.ts is being modified. -> app-navigation.service.ts is being modified. -> service-proxy.module.ts is being modified. -> Mortho.xml is being modified. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.ts src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.ts 191ms Done in 0.47s. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.html src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\morthoArthroplastyTypes.component.html 344ms Done in 0.61s. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.htmsrc\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html 118ms Done in 0.38s. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\create-or-edit-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts 178ms Done in 0.44s. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.html 76ms Done in 0.33s. yarn run v1.22.10 $ C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules.bin\prettier --write C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts src\app\admin\nsMorthoArthroplastyType\morthoArthroplastyTypes\view-morthoArthroplastyType-modal.component.ts 167ms Done in 0.43s.

Code generation is complete. Press ENTER to exit...

C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular>cd ns*


C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\nswag>"..\node_modules.bin\nswag" run NSwag NPM CLI NSwag command line tool for .NET Core NetCore21, toolchain v13.9.0.0 (NJsonSchema v10.3.0.0 (Newtonsoft.Json v11.0.0.0))Visit for more information. NSwag bin directory: C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\node_modules\nswag\bin\binaries\NetCore21

Executing file 'C:\Github\murphymj5209\MedicineInfoTechnlgy.Mortho\angular\nswag\service.config.nswag' with variables ''... Done.

Duration: 00:00:03.5821766



{ "IsRegenerate": false, "MenuPosition": "admin", "RelativeNamespace": "NsMorthoArthroplastyType", "EntityName": "MorthoArthroplastyType", "EntityNamePlural": "MorthoArthroplastyTypes", "TableName": "MorthoArthroplastyTypes", "PrimaryKeyType": "Guid", "BaseClass": "FullAuditedEntity", "EntityHistory": false, "AutoMigration": true, "UpdateDatabase": true, "CreateUserInterface": true, "CreateViewOnly": true, "CreateExcelExport": true, "IsNonModalCRUDPage": false, "IsMasterDetailPage": false, "PagePermission": { "Host": true, "Tenant": true }, "Properties": [ { "Name": "Description", "Type": "string", "MaxLength": 50, "MinLength": 1, "Range": { "IsRangeSet": false, "MinimumValue": 0.0, "MaximumValue": 0.0 }, "Required": true, "Nullable": false, "Regex": "", "UserInterface": { "AdvancedFilter": true, "List": true, "CreateOrUpdate": true } } ], "NavigationProperties": [], "NavigationPropertyOneToManyTables": [], "EnumDefinitions": [], "DbContext": null }

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @murphymj5209

    Thanks, we are checking this problem.

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    musa.demir created
    Support Team

    Hi @murphymj5209

    I could not reproduce the problem. Can you please share a project that contains that problem. You can send it to

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    murphymj5209 created

    Can you let me know how to send? a) i would like to zip the file because of propietary work effort; I have 7-zip which can encrypt but then i would publish my password in this forum or in a seperate email b) how to 'just' send code, assuming that is what you are asking for; meaning no binaries and other dirs.Thanks.

    Question: I have the current PowerTools and it shows 2.7.6 but is there a way i can look at one or more of the RadTool files to make sure this is current? When the 'new' RadTools was installed, since I am using Github, i expected my RadTool Template files to be showm in an update. I do not remember seeing this happen.

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    ismcagdas created
    Support Team

    Hi @murphymj5209

    You can check latest version of Power Tools on Power Tools automatically updates itself when you open Visual Studio. But, as you said, templates in your project is not updated automatically. In order to do that, best way is to follow this document

    For sharing your code, yes, please zip your solution without binaries (bin and obj folders) and also without node_modules folder. You can send this zip file to If you project your zip, you also need to send its password to


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    scv.autumn created

    I'm seeing the same problems even when using the latest version.

    eg: The latest version of PartialTemplates.txt contains import { LazyLoadEvent } from 'primeng/public_api'; but it should be import { LazyLoadEvent } from 'primeng/api';

    There a number of similar issues. To replicate, create a new entity using the RAD Tool, and verify the resulting client code is broken in ~40 places with errors like: 'sub-header' is not a known element Can't bind to 'description' since it isn't a known property of 'sub-header'. Can't bind to 'busyIf' since it isn't a known property of 'div'. No pipe found with name 'localize'. Can't bind to 'breadcrumbs' since it isn't a known property of 'sub-header'. 'validation-messages' is not a known element

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    scv.autumn created

    Update: Creating the entity under the Root menu works fine, so the admin module is probably missing some references...

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    scv.autumn created

    Add the following to admin.module.ts:

    import { CommonModule } from '@angular/common';
    import { FormsModule } from '@angular/forms';
    import { AppCommonModule } from '@app/shared/common/app-common.module';
    import { UtilsModule } from '@shared/utils/utils.module';

    and in the module imports below:

        imports: [
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    murphymj5209 created

    closing problem