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Publish Public Site to Azure - Browser Errors #6583

nocturne created

Hello -

When attempting to publish the public site to Azure, no styles render and no jQuery appears to be running. I've used Inspector in Chrome to look at errors and I'm not sure where to begin with getting this working. Any pointers as to what I've done wrong?

Here are the errors that come up:


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    maliming created

    Have you run the yarn command in the Web.Public project?

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    nocturne created

    Hello. I have not, but I will give that a go and see where I'm at after. I'll be sure to follow up here.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @nocturne

    Please reopen if you haven't solved the problem yet.

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    nocturne created

    Unfortunately, running the Yarn command and re-publishing didn't resolve the problem.

    This was the output from Yarn.

    yarn install v1.13.0
    info No lockfile found.
    [1/4] Resolving packages...
    [2/4] Fetching packages...
    [3/4] Linking dependencies...
    [4/4] Building fresh packages...
    success Saved lockfile.
    Done in 0.13s.
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    aaron created

    Have you run the npm run create-bundles command in the Web.Public project?

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    nocturne created

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Within a command prompt I went to the project directory of the public site and ran:

    npm run create-bundles

    And it threw an error stating it couldn't find pacakge.json.

    The Web.Mvc has a package.json but sure enough, the public site does not.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure what to do from here. Should I use the package.json from the othe project?

    Thanks again for your time.

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    alper created


    check the error logs : *.Web.Public\App_Data\Logs\Logs.txt

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    aaron created

    Which version of ASP.NET Zero are you on?

    Are you able to upgrade to v6.7+? package.json was added as part of a non-trivial change to remove Web Compiler extension dependency (aspnetzero/aspnet-zero-core#2145).

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    nocturne created

    Thank you for your replies, @alper and @aaron.

    I reviewed the logs and only found INFO and DEBUG entries. I didn't see any relevant entries to what was happening here.

    I'm on v6.5 so I'm going to upgrade to latest (v6.8) and report back after.

    Thanks again for your time!

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    nocturne created

    Looks like we are good to go on this after upgrading. Thank you.