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Which Metronic version in V7 an what is different? #7120

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Question one: Which Metronic version has been used in your version 7?

Since version 6.0.2 of the template there are structure changes again. Have these already been implemented?

Question two: Is there a list somewhere where you moved or replaced the template files?

Example of Layout builder. We wanted to use the original louder because your version always flickers and is not correct in the middle.

So we have looked on the Template homepage where we can do that.

As it says, I can make the settings in this file /src/app/core/_config/demo1/layout.config.ts

This file does not exist with your implementation.

The current implementation of the new template is also not quite as the original from Keenthemes. As an example here is the language selection when you are logged in. The language selection is the same as before, i.e. with the old icons. That means either we did something wrong or you made a mixture of the old and the new template.

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    I will save you the trouble of what I have already researched, ASP.Net Zero loosley uses Metronic theme. They build their own layout and structure and then apply Metronic styles to it. It gets really difficult to try to use things on Metronic because of this. Not how I would have built a general framework, but that is how they did it.

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    FlexSolution created

    Just as metronic adjusts its structure, it might be useful to adjust the structure here as well.

    If you advertise with the template it would also be good if you could use all functions of it. If you change the structure you should also provide documentation on how to use and implement which features of the template.

    If you don't want to make such a documentation you should keep the structure of the template as exact as possible and refer to this documentation.

    Or don't advertise with the template at all, then there are no big questions and problems about it.

    We had the template before and came here via Metronic. We were already familiar with Metronic versions 4 and 5 and their documentation.

    It's quite different here.

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @FlexSolution

    1. Metronic v6 is used.
    2. No, because it was a huge update. Metronic also doesn't provide such an information for moving from Metronic v5 to v6. There are minor visual differencese because in some places, we have used the libraries we already used in AspNet Zero v6.x like language flags you have said.

    We also don't use metronic as is, we change some parts to use it in AspNet Zero. So, could you explain your problem with our version of Layout builder ? We can try to help you.


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    FlexSolution created

    I wrote that a little unclear. Question 2 didn't explicitly refer to this update. It is more about whether there is a list where you can see what you have changed in the Metronic structure.

    For example, if I look at something on the Metronic page, there stands where I can find it. These folders may be at a completely different location in ANZ or may not even exist.

    It would be nice if you had a list where you moved it: Metronic folder: Angular/abc/efg

    is at AZN in: Anular/xxx/yyy

    Order Metronic: Angular/AAA/BBB

    AZN: Does not exist

    The best is to have the original on the left and your structure next to it then you can quickly find it. It makes sense for you, too. If you get a new employee, he will know faster where what is.

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    ismcagdas created


    All Metronic related files are under You can search with same file name in Metronics source code to find relevant files. For your information, we don't modify content of Metronic files and use them as is.

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    FlexSolution created

    I'm sorry, but your answers still won't help me.

    You ask in your first answer where the problem is and don't completely answer my question. So again. This is my problem:

    Let's just do it with the example that I already wrote in the first post.

    My question was quite concrete. Where is this file? /src/app/core/_config/demo1/layout.config.ts

    This file does not exist. So where can I make all the changes I should normally make there according to the template documentation?

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @FlexSolution

    My question was quite concrete. Where is this file? /src/app/core/_config/demo1/layout.config.ts

    The answer is, this file doesn't exist in AspNet Zeros source code. We don't use Metronic as is, we use its bundled styles and scripts for now.

    So where can I make all the changes I should normally make there according to the template documentation?

    You need to make them on Metronics source code, bundle it and update the relevant bundles in AspNet Zeros source code.

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    commondesk created

    So basically you advertize that you use Metronic, but then you depart from how Metronic says the product should be used.

    You don't give any documentation for how you use Metronic, or give us any documentation on how we can use it.

    But you want to advertise that you use Metronic, and so can we.

    Got it.

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @commondesk

    Using Metronic as Metronic says has some disadvantages. We don't want to include everyting comes with Metronic because it increases the bundle sizes. If we modify Metronics source code and include it into AspNet Zero, it causes update problems.

    Please create another issue if you are still having a problem with Metronic.