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When we import users, we receive a notification which allows us to click the description to download the file summary. After a minute or so, the link is no good. I'm assuming this is because the cache is release? When this happens, a new tab opens with this JSON string: {"result":"Requested file does not exist!","targetUrl":null,"success":true,"error":null,"unAuthorizedRequest":false,"__abp":true}

So we want to know if we have some options to work around this user experience issue: 1. How can we stop the file from being 'released' from cache so it can be accessed forever? Or, 2. Can we create an 'expiration' on the notification so that it is deleted when the file is removed from cache so that the user does not have a bad experience clicking the link and viewing the JSON string. Or, 3. Can we create a modal alert to let the user know when they click the link that the notification window has expired and the user needs to retry the operation? (least best option)

We are utilizing the same workflow for a PDF export that we have built into our application. The user kicks off a job that is a long running process to create a set of PDF invoices. When these are ready, the user recieves a notification and can access the file from their notifications, however, just like the user import, after a minute or so, the link is no longer working and we get the JSON string.

Please advise.

We have this site up on our staging server:

When we browse the site we see the path for the css and fonts does not include the /wrmginvoiceautomation to request the css and font files.

Currently the browser is requesting: The browser should be requesting:

The rest of the head section links for the bundles etc are putting in the "/wrimginvoiceautoamation/" in the path, but not the css and font files.

Where is the path for those resources configured in the application?

Does zero provide training to developers as part of the support license?

If so, how do we get registered for that?

If not, are there online videos for training? If so how do we access them?

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